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It is my joy to recommend Pastor Shirley Tellis in the ministry of Evangelist.


When I was informed that Pastor Shirley was moving into full time ministry as an evangelist, my first response was excitement.  Not only for her, but for the world she would impact with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is my joy to recommend Pastor Shirley Tellis in the ministry of Evangelist.


Until recently, she has been an incredible part of our Pastoral Staff here at Calvary Christian Center.  She is a living witness of God’s faithfulness and as an ongoing testimony of what it is to be faith filled.  I have watched her transformation through the years and it has been nothing less than outstanding.


Evangelist Shirley Tellis will be a blessing to any ministry though her powerful preaching, encouraging spirit and pure heart to serve.  I encourage you to bring her in.  I know you will be blessed to have her ministry whether at your church services, conferences or any other speaking engagement.


Please contact my office if you have any questions regarding this great woman of God.





Pastor Jim Raley 

Senior Pastor

Calvary Christian Center

Pastor Shirley Tellis is a passionate woman of God.  It only takes a minute in her presence to sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit and her desire to reach people with the life changing message that embraces the love Jesus Christ.  If you have not had a chance to witness the flow of God’s anointing and passion through the witness of Pastor Shirley, then you are in for an awe inspiring treat.  


Pastor Shirley’s immersion into ministry took her directly into outreach, which is a major focus of our church’s vision.  She has worked with many individuals, who would have never considered entering a “traditional church building”.  But through her efforts, and working with the Calvary Crew, countless numbers of those who were often despised and rejected by others have now embraced the life transforming love of Jesus Christ.  May God continue to use her to bring about salvation, deliverance and encouragement to the masses of His people.





Hubert L. Grimes

Retired Circuit Judge

Associate Minister, Calvary Christian Center

Director, Center for Law and Social Justice, Bethune Cookman University